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SFR Capital is a Florida private provider of investor real estate capital for Florida residential opportunities.

We simplify the process of acquiring Florida residential real estate capital. SFR takes pride in delivering great service to our customers and working hard to insure your project and you are successful. Our application, closing and funding process is easy, fast and certain. With millions on hand, you can be sure your deal will be funded.

Using SFR Capital lets you skip the red tape, credit report, personal document requests, outside reports and junk fees. Our goal is to get you the resources you need - on time, every time. We are committed to your success. Please give SFR Capital the opportunity to earn your business.

Florida Real Estate Investment Capital


Investor Loan fast – 5-Minute Application

Investor Loan Terms

Loan term

12 months


70% LTV

Why choose us for quick loans?

  • 5-Minute Loan Application

  • Secure Online Application

  • 100% Online Loan Process

  • 24 Hour Approval

Grow with SFR Capital – We make it easy

Our team of experts make the loan process easy; we don't have outrageous document requirements like traditional loans.
Our 5-Minute loan application process allows you to receive dependable loan decisions within hours.
You work directly with the experts and decision makers and our simple loan requirements are clear and common sense.

SFR Capital are expert investor and real estate lenders located in the center of residential real estate investments, Florida. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing funding for the real estate industry. Single Family, Multi-Family, Buy to Rent or Bridge Loans, SFR Capital has the experience, history, and ready funds to deliver your financial solution. 

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Our team of lending experts and underwriters are standing by to assist. SFR Capital keeps it Easy, Fast, and Certain.

Client Spotlight

  • sfr loan buyer profile luca
    SFR Capital is the best direct lender experience I have had.  I have always found them super easy to reach, to get an answer on loan amount and to get the loan closed.  SFR Capital has a great team. I have always had a positive experience and appreciate the personal attention from the principals. The people at SFR Capital actually really care about the success of their borrowers, it shows and it makes a difference!
    Luca A.
  • Isabel a hard loan lendee
    The banks said no, SFR capital said yes. I had an unusual property. SFR Capital worked with me to fund and close the deal. With SFR Capital's loan and financial backing, I've been able to take my business to the next level. I will definitely continue to use SFR Capital for my residential hard money loans.
    Isabel S.
    Palm Beach County
  • Wilguins testimonial
    I have closed many loans with SFR Capital. The loan process is simple, quick and dependable. They helped me through the whole procedure and made everything so easy. I highly recommend SFR Capital to any business needing a residential real estate hard loan in Florida.
    Wilguins J.
    Jacksonville and Miami
  • frankie trusts SFR Capital hard money loans
    Traditional lenders do not understand how to underwrite my real estate investment loans. SFR Capital does not require hard credit report, bank statements, tax returns, outside appraisal or outside inspections. SFR does not charge 10 annoying junk fees to close the loan like a lot of other hard lenders. In 48 hours from completing the easy 5 minute online application, SFR Capital had given me preliminary loan approval. When the title and lien search were completed, SFR Capital funded the loan at the amount they had approved.
    Francisco A.

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    Residential Loan Facts

    SFR Capital
    Loan Quick Facts

    • Term:  12 Months
    • Amount: $100k to $2.5M+
    • Interest Rate:    12%
    • Origination Fee:  2%
    • LTV:  70% to 80%
    • Property: Residential
    • Type: Non-Owner Occupied
    • Pre-Pay Penalty:   No
    • Extension: 1% for One Yr

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    SFR Capital makes the loan process simple and easy. From beginning to end, our experts have you covered.