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Residential Investment and Hard Money Lenders

SFR Capital - Easy. Fast. Certain.

Direct Lenders with a Difference

SFR Capital provides hard money residential investment real estate loans. With a specialty in the South Florida market, our team of loan experts have the experience and tools to provide a fast, easy, and certain loan process and funding.

Our borrowers rave about our simple loan process and rapid loan decisions. Our loans require far less paperwork and useless information than traditional loans, and the application process can be completed in as little as five minutes, complete online.

Why SFR Capital?

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SFR Capital’s mission is to originate and service direct private investment first mortgage loans to Borrowers collaterized by Florida residential property and make the SFR Borrower experience and results easy, fast and certain by building and operating the best online digital platform and back office execution infrastructure.


SFR Capital - Our History

Direct Lenders with a Difference

SFR Capital and its principals have been successfully originating and servicing hard money residential investment mortgage loans in Florida for over 20 years. SFR makes fix and flip, bridge, buy & hold and multifamily loans in amounts ranging from $100,000 to $3,500,000.The loan to value for our loans typically is 60 – 75% of current value and is for a one year term. SFR charges borrowers 12% interest only and a 2% origination fee. SFR’s primary loan documents are note, recorded first mortgage, personal guarantee of entity principals, business use affidavit, mortgagee title insurance, settlement statement and insurance certificate. 

SFR Capital is a Florida private lender of real estate mortgage debt for Florida
residential investment opportunities. We take the difficult approval process out of Florida residential real estate debt. SFR takes pride in delivering great service to our customers and working hard to insure your project and you are successful. Our application, closing and funding process is fast, easy and dependable. With millions on hand, you can be sure your deal will be funded.

When you need an easy process, fast approval and quick funding; you can depend on SFR Capital. Please go to the SFR Capital website and provide us with some basic information about your project and our expert team will give you an answer within hours.

Using SFR Capital for your loan lets you skip the red tape, credit report, personal document requests, outside reports and junk fees. Our goal is to get you the resources you need - on time, every time. We are committed to your success.

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SFR Capital makes the loan process simple and easy. From beginning to end, our experts have you covered.